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buy nolvadex online overnight Dillon James Paxton, 16, was a Colorado native. He was born near Durango Colorado on December 13th,1995 living and attending school in Silverton, Colorado. He loved running and was a member of the Ouray, Ridgway, Silverton Combined Sports Program.

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Dillon hit the ground running from the day he was born. He was interested in learning about everything he could get his hands on. As a very small child, Dillon would get very excited when the train would come into town. He would run from the family business to where his father worked up the street to watch an old vhs tape that was of the train for hours.

Even from a young age, Dillon was always the first one to volunteer to help others feel better or learn something new. Dillon started school early; learning came easily for him and seemed like second nature. Whenever fellow classmates found their work difficult, Dillon was always happy to lend a hand to help them learn and understand. In one of his journals he wrote (age 8) “Reading is fun, so I’ve been reading all my life, I am also good at P.E. and computers. This year I’ve learned how to write a story. I need to get better at division; I want to get better at helping other people. I learn by listening and writing because I like doing it. I am a regular person and being fair is what is important to me and my little brother is important to me. I was in the same classroom as last year. I am doing math all year-round and I like it the best. I want to learn to do everything, especially drawing.”
Photo's of Dillon (mixed)0015As time went on, Dillon’s thirst for knowledge and the desire to “help other people” only grew. He was placed into advanced classes at school and he made helping others a part of his everyday life. Dillon was a lover of sports and the outdoors. He was an avid snowboarder (loved shredding it on Silverton Mountain ). He enjoyed rock climbing and competed in both track and cross country running. He especially enjoyed the challenging course set up by Roger Wurblik and the exceptional people at Silverton1000. Dillon’s Run would be very difficult if not for the generosity of all those involved.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dillon was also a passionate civil servant. He was selected as an ambassador for People to People, a student civic program that shapes the leaders of tomorrow. He traveled to Washington D. C.  along with local community volunteers, where he went above and beyond all requirements for school credit. He was also a peer guide for the Silverton Youth Center and served on the Youth Advisory Council.


In addition to school and volunteer service, Dillon also worked at 2 local restaurant’s. He had plans of attending Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

Above all, Dillon put his family, friends and community before himself. He grew into a respected and very much loved young man who did not care who you were or what your situation was- he would be there to help you and be your friend. As a final act of helping other people Dillon was an organ and tissue donor. Today someone can see again and another person is alive and well because of the donation of his heart valves.


Had he survived, Dillon would have continued on his path of learning, giving, helping and making a difference in the world. Tragically Dillon was suddenly killed in a one car accident on Friday August 31st. 2012. He had signed up for the 24 hour event happening the following day at the Silverton 1000 run. His personal goal was 60 miles in 24 hours ( 60 was his running number, now retired ). Family members and friends ran for Dillon that day in his honor, completing a total of 217 combined miles. The Ouray sports team dedicated their Ridgway reservoir run to him.

On September 14th, 2012 a Colorado State Flag was flown at half mast at the capitol in Denver, Colorado. Then a United States Flag flown at half mast at the capitol in Washington D.C. on September 21st. 2012 in Dillon’s honor and in memory of all children that have lost their lives at an early age. Today those flag’s hang in honor and respect at the Ouray school gymnasium in Ouray, Colorado.

On May 22, 2014 the Silverton Class of 2014 graduated from High School. Dillon was a member of this class. The four total graduates requested a chair put in place where Dillon would have sat thus being the (honorary) 5th graduate.DSC_4913DSC_4916

So it is with great pride and appreciation for the monumental example Dillon set for us all that we are now here to carry that torch for him in his name to “help other people better”.

Our mission is to help both groups and individuals with sports and educational expenses, including scholarships for continued growth and education on all levels. Thus our mission statement:


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  1. That was an extremely touching story…Thanks so much for sharing it and having his honor also live on thru your writing.

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